Friday, November 23, 2012

Paint it Black

Are you braving the crowds today?  Buying for yourself, or getting a little head start on the holidays?!
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  1. She's got my bag :)
    I like her fur collar - it is so cosy for winter in Poland :)

  2. Love her outfit---I won't be fighting the crowds today. I used to--Ha! But--will be enjoying more time around my house and eating a second serving of turkey. :)

  3. We don't have the black Friday here where I live. :D

  4. Eeeeek!!! A fur infinite scarf!!! I am IN LOVE.
    And, no. You couldn't pay me to go out in the shopping crowds this weekend.

  5. I know the Holidays are going to be difficult for you. I hope that they are at least tolerable for you and your family. I LOVE that fur scarf. In fact, that entire outfit! Thank you for your always inspiring and beautiful pics.


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